MAGUS AL20 Auxiliary Lens

Magnification: 2x. Working distance: 26mm

The 2x auxiliary objective lens increases the magnification of a stereoscopic microscope, while reducing the working distance to 26mm and the field of view twofold compared to a conventional objective.

The magnification of stereoscopic microscopes is increased primarily due to the eyepieces.
When observing through eyepieces, the auxiliary objective lens is used when the magnification achieved with eyepieces is not enough.
When capturing with a digital camera, eyepieces are not included in the optical design and, therefore, an auxiliary objective lens is used.

The auxiliary lens is screwed onto the objective cap.
References and downloads


  • MAGUS Stereo 7B Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 7T Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 8B Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 8T Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 7BH Microscope Head
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  • MAGUS Stereo 8BH Microscope Head
  • MAGUS Stereo 8TH Microscope Head


Magnification, x: 2

Working distance with the auxiliary lens, mm: 26