MAGUS Stereo A10

MAGUS Stereo A10 Stereomicroscope
Magnification: 8–80x. CMO system. Binocular head, LED transmitted light illuminator 6W, LED reflected light oblique illuminator 3W

Research grade stereomicroscope.
Designed for observing three-dimensional objects and the details of their structure while maintaining virtual volume and clarity of surface relief. Equipped with built-in transmitted and reflected light illuminators for observing transparent and opaque objects.
The CMO (Common Main Objective) system provides a large field of view, high resolution, accurate color reproduction, and no field distortion. It produces an equally detailed and clear image both in the eyepieces and on a digital camera. The CMO system involves installing additional components into the optical system.
The microscope is used for forensic examination, industrial inspection, biology, medicine, microelectronics, materials science, and archaeology.
Key features
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Microscope head
Binocular head with an inclination angle of 20°, comfortable for long-term work. To install a digital camera, an intermediate attachment with a photo output and a C-mount adapter are required.
Diopter adjustment is done on the eyepieces.

Main objective
To form a three-dimensional image, the CMO stereomicroscope uses a main objective, positioned strictly perpendicular to the sample plane. Light that passes through or that is reflected from the sample enters the objective and is distributed into two parallel optical channels. The stereoscopic angle is 11°.
The microscope is equipped with a 1x plan achromatic objective that provides a high degree of correction of field curvature as well as spherical and chromatic aberrations. Working distance: 78mm.

Zoom objective lens – a lens system of parallel optical channels – smoothly changes magnification by 10x without losing focus. The microscope delivers an upright (not inverted) three-dimensional image.

Focusing mechanism
The coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs are on both sides. Fine focusing is ideal for observations at magnifications above 40x. The coarse focusing tension can also be adjusted.

Stage plates
You can choose a glass or black-and-white slider depending on the sample. The transparent plate ensures homogeneous illumination of the specimen and optimal light diffusion for observing transparent and translucent samples. The black-and-white plate is ideal for observing opaque samples against a contrasting background: The black side is for light-colored objects, and the white side is for dark-colored objects.

Light source
The microscope is equipped with an LED transmitted light illuminator (6W) and a reflected light oblique illuminator (3W). The LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

There is a line of accessories that are designed for this microscope. The eyepieces extend the magnification range of the microscope. The main objective determines the overall magnification, working distance, and field of view of the microscope. A calibration slide helps with the precise measurement of specimens. The scale value on the calibration slide of stereomicroscopes is 0.1mm.

Key features

  • Zoom system for achieving smooth magnification without focus reduction; zoom ratio of 10:1
  • The plan achromatic main objective with 1x magnification, correcting field curvature as well as spherical and chromatic distortions
  • Advantages of the CMO system: wide field of view, high resolution, no distortion, equal image quality in the eyepieces and on a digital camera
  • LED illuminators for transmitted (6W) and reflected (3W) light with a service life of 50,000 hours
  • A wide range of compatible optional accessories


  • Base with an integrated transmitted light source and power supply unit
  • Stand with a focusing mechanism
  • Microscope head – objective with visual attachment
  • Plan achromatic main objective 1x
  • Eyepiece 10x/22mm with diopter adjustment (2 pcs.)
  • Eyepiece 10x/24mm with diopter adjustment (2 pcs.)
  • Black-and-white plate
  • Transparent plate
  • Reflected light oblique illuminator
  • AC power cord
  • Dust cover
  • User manual and warranty card

Available on request:
  • 15x/16mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 20x/12mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • Achromatic main objective 0.3x
  • Plan achromatic main objective 0.5x
  • Plan achromatic main objective 2x
  • Calibration slide


Microscope design: upright

Image field: stereo

Research method: brightfield

Optical design: CMO

Microscope magnification, x: 8–80 basic configuration (*optional: 2.4–320)

Microscope head: binocular

Inclination: 20°

Interpupillary distance, mm: 55–75

Eyepiece diameter, mm: 30

Diopter adjustment, diopters: ±5D on each eyepiece

Eyepieces, x/field, mm: 10x/22, 10x/24 (*optional: 15x/16, 20x/12)

Main objective: plan achromatic 1x (*optional: achromatic 0.3x, plan achromatic 0.5x, plan achromatic 2x)

Zoom objective, x/working distance, mm/field of view with 10x eyepiece, mm: 0.8–8/78/9.17–2.75

Zoom ratio: 10:1

Stage plate: black-and-white plate, glass plate

Focusing mechanism: coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs located on both sides

Coarse focusing travel, mm: 105

Coarse focusing tension adjusting knob: +

Illumination: transmitted and reflected light

Transmitted light source: 6W LED

Reflected light source: oblique illuminator light source (LED 3W)

Power supply, V/Hz: AC power supply, 220/50; via power adapter 5V, 2A

Operating temperature range, °C (°F): 5… 35 (41... 95)

Operating humidity range, %: 20… 80