MAGUS Stereo 9T

MAGUS Stereo 9T Stereomicroscope
Magnification: 7–63x. The Greenough optical design. Trinocular head, LED transmitted light illuminator 5W, LED reflected light oblique illuminator 3W

The stereomicroscope is designed for studying three-dimensional objects and their structure. The microscope is equipped with built-in transmitted and reflected light illuminators for observing transparent and opaque specimens. Optionally, you can use the polarized light microscopy technique. The Greenough optical design provides a large depth of field and delivers three-dimensional image thanks to a 15° stereo angle. The microscope magnifies the image of the specimen without loss of spatial orientation. It is comfortable to examine samples in its working area of 110–188mm and, therefore, the microscope can be used for restoration, soldering, assembly, quality control, and other similar operations.
Key features
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Microscope head
The trinocular head rotates 360°. The digital camera is mounted in the trinocular tube. The C-mount adapter for mounting the camera is included with the microscope.

Zoom lens
The objective smoothly increases magnification up to 9x without the depth of focus decrease. The microscope delivers an upright (not inverted) three-dimensional image. Auxiliary objective lenses may change the magnification range, field of view, and working distance of the microscope.

Focusing mechanism
The coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs are on both sides. Fine focusing is ideal for observations at magnifications above 40x. The coarse tension can also be adjusted.

Stage plates
You can choose a transparent, white or black-and-white plate depending on the sample. The transparent and white plates ensure homogeneous illumination of the specimen and optimal light diffusion for observing transparent and translucent samples. The black-and-white plate is ideal for observing opaque samples against a contrasting background: The black side is for light-colored objects and the white side for dark-colored objects.

Light source
The microscope is equipped with the LED transmitted light illuminator (5W) and the reflected light oblique illuminator (3W). The lifetime of the LEDs is 50,000 hours.

There is a line of accessories designed specifically for this microscope. Eyepieces and auxiliary objective lenses can extend the magnification range of the microscope. The 0.5 auxiliary objective increases the working distance. A digital camera outputs the image from the microscope on a monitor. A calibration slide helps with the precise measurement of specimens. The scale value on the calibration slide of stereo microscopes is 0.1mm. A polarization device removes any glare from the image of polished metal surfaces.

Key features

  • Zoom lens for achieving smooth magnification without the depth of focus decrease: zoom ratio of 9:1
  • Trinocular head with 360° rotation and a trinocular tube for mounting a digital camera
  • The advantages of the Greenough optical design: large depth of field, dimensionality, compact design, and reasonable price
  • LED transmitted light illuminator (5W) and LED reflected light (3W) illuminator with a long service life
  • A wide range of compatible optional accessories


  • Base with integrated transmitted light source and power supply unit
  • Stand with focusing mechanism
  • Trinocular head
  • Eyepiece 10x/22mm (2 pcs.)
  • Black-and-white stage plate
  • White stage plate
  • Transparent stage plate
  • Reflected light oblique illuminator
  • C-mount adapter
  • AC power cord
  • Dust cover
  • User manual and warranty card

Available on request:
  • 15x/15mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 16x/15mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 20x/12mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 25x/9mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • Auxiliary objective lens 0.5x
  • Auxiliary objective lens 2x
  • Reflected ring light illuminator
  • Polarization device
  • Digital camera
  • Calibration slide


Microscope design: upright

Image field: stereo

Research method: brightfield, polarized light (optional)

Optical design: Greenough

Microscope head diameter, mm: 88

Microscope magnification, x: 7–63 basic configuration (*optional: 3.5–315)

Microscope head type: trinocular

Microscope head: 360° rotatable

Inclination: 45°

Interpupillary distance, mm: 53–75

Eyepiece diameter, mm: 30

Diopter adjustment, diopters: ±5D on each eyepiece

Eyepieces, x/field, mm: 10x/22, long eye relief (*optional: 15x/15, 16x/15, 20x/12, 25x/9)

Zoom objective, x/working distance, mm/field of view with 10x eyepiece, mm: 0.7–6.3/110/31.43–3.49 (*optional: with a 0.5x auxiliary objective lens: 0.35–3.15/188/62.85–6.98; with a 2x auxiliary objective lens: 1.4–12.6/40.4/15.71–1.745)

Zoom ratio: 9:1

Stage plate: black-and-white plate Ø90mm, white plate Ø90mm, transparent plate Ø90mm

Focusing mechanism: coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs located on both sides

Coarse focusing travel, mm: 83

Fine focusing scale value, μm: 2

Coarse focusing tension adjusting knob: +

Illumination: transmitted and reflected light

Transmitted light source: 5W LED

Reflected light source: oblique illuminator light source (LED 3W)

Polarization device: *optional

Power supply, V/Hz: AC power supply, 220/50

Dimensions without packaging (W×H×L), mm max.: 280x463x335

Net weight, kg max.: 8