MAGUS CLM70 Digital Camera

USB3.0, 1.7MP, 1.1'', monochrome

The MAGUS CLM70 digital camera is designed for use in fluorescence and darkfield microscopy techniques.
The camera is equipped with a 1.7MP sensor and delivers realistic images with 1600x1100px resolution when viewed with 40x, 60x, and 100x objectives.
Video is recorded at 94fps at maximum resolution. Videos are smooth, with soft and subtle transitions between frames. The movement of the sample is displayed in real time with no delays. The camera makes it easy to work with objects that are moving and is suitable for classroom demonstrations.
The camera is equipped with a USB3.0 interface. The data transfer speed is 10 times faster than USB2.0 cameras. The high-speed camera is recommended for professional laboratories, research, or university training.
Key features
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The camera is equipped with a SONY Exmor backlit monochrome CMOS sensor. This technology increases light sensitivity and improves camera performance in low-light conditions.
The monochrome sensor does not capture the colors of the sample, but it has 2–4 times higher light sensitivity than a color sensor. The image is brighter and more contrasty, thereby making the monochrome camera suitable for low-light environments.
The large size sensor – 1.1''. The size of the sensor affects the image quality: The larger the sensor is, the cleaner the image, the greater the color depth, and the wider the field of view will be.
The 9x9µm pixels provide light sensitivity of 8100mV with 1/30s. To achieve the maximum field of view without distortion, we recommend using an adapter with a magnification of 1x.

Peltier element
The camera sensor may overheat during prolonged use. This causes thermal noise in the image, which significantly reduces the image quality. To eliminate this negative effect, the camera is equipped with a two-stage thermoelectric module (Peltier element). It sets the temperature to 42°C below room temperature and creates optimal conditions for the sensor to run for long periods of time without heating up and, therefore, the camera is suitable for long shutter speeds: The image is clear without thermal noise.

The camera has a global shutter. The signal is read from all photosensitive elements of the sensor simultaneously. Fast-moving objects are seen clearly and without false optical effects. The image in low light is bright and well-detailed, which is especially important for fluorescence microscopy.

Software features
The camera uses software to display images on an external display, take photographs, record video, edit images, and measure linear and angular dimensions of samples and their structures. Before taking measurements, the software must be calibrated for each objective with a calibration slide.

The camera is mounted on the microscope in the trinocular tube/camera port using the C-mount adapter (included).

Key features

  • For fluorescence and darkfield microscopy with 40x, 60x, and 100x objectives
  • 1.7MP resolution for getting detailed images at high magnification; low noise level, low-power dissipation
  • 94fps for observing moving objects, recording video and moving the sample without jerkiness or delays
  • Peltier element reduces sensor temperature during prolonged operation and eliminates thermal noise and, therefore, long shutter speeds can be used when taking photos
  • Global shutter for fast signal readout from the sensor, increased image brightness, no false optical effects when observing moving objects
  • SONY Exmor monochrome CMOS backlit sensor provides low noise level and high light sensitivity even in low-light conditions. You will get clearer, brighter, and more color-saturated images
  • USB3.0 interface for fast, smooth data transfer
  • Software with photo, video recording, editing, external display functions, linear and angular measurements


  • Digital camera
  • USB cable
  • 12V, 3A adapter
  • Case
  • Installation CD with drivers and software
  • User manual and warranty card


Sensor: SONY Exmor CMOS

Color/monochrome: monochrome

Megapixels: 1.7

Maximum resolution, px: 1600x1100

Sensor size: 1.1" (14.4x9.9mm)

Pixel size, μm: 9.0x9.0

Two-stage thermoelectric module (Peltier element) to set the temperature 42°C below room temperature: +

Light sensitivity: 8100mV with 1/30s

Signal/noise ratio: 0.3mV with 1/30s

Exposure: 0.1ms–1h

Video recording: +

Frame rate, fps at resolution: 94@1600x1100

Place of installation: trinocular tube

Image format: *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png, *.tif

Video format: recording: *.wmv, *.avi, *.h264 (Win 8 or newer), *h265 (Win 10 or newer)

Spectral range, nm: 380–650 (with IR filter and anti-reflective filter)

Shutter type: global shutter

White balance: auto/manual

Exposure control: auto/manual

Software features: image size, brightness, exposure time

Output: USB3.0, 5Gb/s

System requirements: Windows 8/10/11 (32 and 64 bit), Mac OS X, Linux, up to 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 or higher, minimum 2GB RAM, USB3.0 port, CD-ROM, 17" or larger display

Software: MAGUS View

Mount type: C-mount

Body: CNC aluminum alloy

Power supply: DC, 5V, from computer USB port; a 12V, 3A adapter for Peltier element

Operating temperature range, °C (°F): –10... 50 (14... 122)

Operating humidity range, %: 30… 80