MAGUS PH1 Phase Сontrast Device

For phase contrast microscopy

The phase contrast device is used in the phase contrast microscopy to observe transparent low-contrast samples that are invisible while using the brightfield microscopy technique. The staining kills living cells. The main advantage of the microscopy technique is the possibility to study living unstained organisms in their natural state. The method is used in medicine, ecology, pharmacology, agriculture, and others.

The phase condenser is installed instead of the brightfield condenser. The condenser’s turret has annuli plates. The aperture can be adjusted to match the selected objective. A phase ring is placed in the plane of the exit pupil of the objective. Using a centering telescope, you can align the diaphragm rings of the condenser with the phase rings of the objective.
References and downloads


  • MAGUS Bio 230B Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 230BL Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 230T Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 230TL Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 250B Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 250BL Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 250T Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 250TL Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Lum 400 Fluorescence Microscope
  • MAGUS Lum 400L Fluorescence Microscope


  • Phase condenser
  • Phase infinity plan achromatic objective: 10x/0.25 PHP
  • Phase infinity plan achromatic objective: 20x/0.40 PHP
  • Phase infinity plan achromatic objective: 40x/0.65 PHP (spring loaded)
  • Phase infinity plan achromatic objective: 100x/1.25 PHP (spring loaded, mi)
  • Centering telescope
  • Blue filter
  • Green filter
  • Yellow filter
  • Matt filter
  • Bottle with immersion oil


Objectives: phase plan achromatic: 10x/0.25 PHP, 20x/0.40 PHP, 40x/0.65 PHP, 100x/1.25 PHP (oil)

Spring-loaded frame: 40x, 100x

Mount type: dovetail mount