MAGUS CMT100 C-mount Adapter

The C-mount adapter is designed for mounting a digital camera in the eyepiece tube of a microscope instead of the eyepiece. First, you install the adapter into the tube, then the C-mount adapter, and finally the digital camera into it.
The adapter magnification is 1x. The maximum field of view without vignetting can be obtained with 1" and higher sensors.

Recommended for:
  • MAGUS CBF70 Digital Camera
  • MAGUS CDF70 Digital Camera
  • MAGUS CLM50 Digital Camera
  • MAGUS CLM70 Digital Camera
  • MAGUS CLM90 Digital Camera
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Suitable for: 1" and higher sensors

Magnification, x: 1

Focal length, mm: fixed

Barrel diameter, mm: 23.2