MAGUS SD10S Eyepiece

MAGUS SD10S10х/22mm Eyepiece with scale (D 30mm)
With diopter adjustment. Magnification: 10x. Field of view: 22mm. Scale with 0.1mm divisions

The eyepiece with a scale is used for measuring the size of samples and their structures in linear units: millimeters or microns. The eyepiece is mounted instead of a standard 10x eyepiece. The scale is placed in the plane of the field diaphragm with a division of 0.1mm. Eyepiece diameter: 30mm.

Setting up

Before measuring, it is necessary to calibrate the eyepiece scale for each objective magnification that will be used. It requires a calibration slide – a stage micrometer with a scale. For a stereoscopic microscope, we recommend using a calibration slide with a scale division of 0.1mm. The slide should be placed on the stage and the microscope should be focused on the scale. The eyepiece is rotated in the eyepiece tube until the scales of the slide and the eyepiece are aligned parallel to each other.

Calculation of the eyepiece scale value for each objective magnification

Calculation for each objective magnification is carried out according to the formula:
E=TL/A, where
E – the division of the eyepiece scale;
T – the division of the stage micrometer scale marked on the stage micrometer (0.01mm);
L – the number of divisions on the stage micrometer;
A – the number of divisions on the eyepiece scale.

The resulting values of the eyepiece scale division for each objective magnification should be recorded.

Calculating the true linear size of an object

When measuring an object, you should first count the number of divisions of the eyepiece scale that the object covers. The result is multiplied by the scale value previously calculated for the selected objective magnification. The resulting value will be the true linear value of the object.
References and downloads


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Lens material: optical glass

Magnification, x: 10

Field of view diameter, mm: 22

Diopter adjustment: +

Scale division, mm: 0.1

Eyepiece diameter, mm: 30