MAGUS LED 144-S4 Ring Light

Reflected light illuminator for stereomicroscopes

Ring reflected light illuminator for stereomicroscopes.
It has two use modes: When all the sectors are turned on simultaneously, it becomes a source of shadowless lighting; when one or two sectors are turned on, it simulates oblique lighting.
It comes with a remote control: The button turns on the desired sector, and the handle adjusts the brightness.
The MAGUS LED 144-S4 illuminator is used for observing relief objects and samples with a highly reflective surface, and for inspecting printed circuit boards.
References and downloads


  • MAGUS Stereo 7B Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 7T Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 8B Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 8T Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 9T Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 7BH Microscope Head
  • MAGUS Stereo 7TH Microscope Head
  • MAGUS Stereo 8BH Microscope Head
  • MAGUS Stereo 8TH Microscope Head


  • Reflected light illuminator
  • Control block
  • Power cord


Light source: 144 LEDs, with adjustable brightness

Sectors: 4

Input voltage, V: 110–240

Output voltage, V: 12

Body material: aluminum

Operating temperature range, °C: 0… 40

Operating humidity range, %: 20… 85