MAGUS Stereo 7B

MAGUS Stereo 7B Stereomicroscope
Magnification: 6.7–45x. The Greenough optical design. Binocular head, 3W LED transmitted light Illuminator, 3W LED reflected light oblique Illuminator

The stereomicroscope is designed for studying three-dimensional objects and their structure. The microscope is equipped with built-in transmitted and reflected light illuminators for observing transparent and opaque specimens. Polarized light and darkfield techniques are available.
The Greenough optical design provides a large depth of field and delivers three-dimensional image thanks to a 15° stereo angle. The microscope magnifies the image of the specimen without loss of spatial orientation. Observing specimens placed on the 105–177mm stage is convenient, and so the microscope is suitable for restoration, soldering, assembly, quality control, and other similar operations.
Key features
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Microscope head
The binocular head rotates 360° and can be fixed in any desired position. A digital camera is installed in the eyepiece tube instead of the eyepiece.
The base kit includes 10x/22mm eyepieces with diopter adjustment and a long eye relief for working with glasses.

The objective smoothly increases magnification up to 6.7x without focus reduction. The microscope delivers an upright (not inverted) three-dimensional image. Additional objectives may increase the magnification range, change the field of view, and working distance of the microscope.

Focusing mechanism
The coarse focusing knobs are on both sides. The tension of the mechanism travel is adjustable.

Stage plate
You can choose a transparent or black-and-white plate depending on the sample. The transparent plate ensures homogeneous illumination of the specimen and optimal light diffusion for observing transparent and translucent samples. The black-and-white plate is ideal for observing opaque samples against a contrasting background: The black side is for light-colored objects, and the white side is for dark-colored objects.

Light source
The microscope is equipped with an LED transmitted light illuminator (3W) and a reflected light oblique illuminator (3W). The LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

There is a line of accessories designed for this microscope.
Eyepieces and auxiliary objective lenses can extend the magnification range of the microscope.
A digital camera outputs the image from the microscope to a monitor.
A calibration slide helps with precise measurement of specimens. The scale value on the calibration slide of stereomicroscopes is 0.1mm.
The polarization device is used to study anisotropic objects.
A darkfield condenser with jewelry tweezers will allow you to study precious and semi-precious stones.
A ring illuminator for the shadow-free illumination of the work area in reflected light.
A ring illuminator with a polarizer will remove glare from images of polished metal surfaces.
The mechanical stage moves objects smoothly and without jerking in two axes and provides additional convenience when working at a magnification of over 20x.
A ring illuminator with sector switching and a gooseneck light are used to fine-tune the illumination of the work area. The light is set at the selected angle, creating the light and shadow necessary for the study, and the right part of the specimen remains illuminated.
Universal stands will expand the working area and provide more freedom in choosing the position of the microscope head above the workplace.

Key features

  • Zoom system for achieving smooth magnification without focus reduction; zoom ratio of 6.7:1
  • Binocular head with 360° rotation; digital camera is installed in the eyepiece tube instead of the eyepiece
  • The advantages of the Greenough optical design: large depth of field, dimensionality, compact design, and reasonable price
  • LED transmitted light illuminator (3W) and LED reflected light illuminator (3W) with a long lifetime
  • A wide range of compatible optional accessories


  • Base with built-in transmitted light source, built-in power supply, and stand with a focusing mechanism
  • Microscope head – objective with visual attachment
  • Eyepiece 10x/22mm with long eye relief and diopter adjustment (2 pcs.)
  • Black-and-white plate
  • Transparent plate
  • Reflected light oblique illuminator
  • AC power cord
  • Dust cover
  • User manual and warranty card

Available on request:
  • 10x/22mm eyepiece with scale
  • 15x/16mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 20x/12mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 25x/9mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 30x/8mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • Auxiliary objective 0.5x
  • Auxiliary objective 1.5x
  • Auxiliary objective 2x
  • Polarization device
  • Darkfield condenser
  • Ring illuminator
  • Ring illuminator with polarizing filter
  • Ring illuminator with sector switching
  • Gooseneck illuminator
  • Mechanical stage
  • Universal stand with focusing mechanism
  • Jewelry tweezers
  • Digital camera
  • Calibration slide


Microscope design: upright

Image field: stereo

Research method: brightfield, darkfield (optional), polarized light (optional)

Optical design: Greenough

Microscope magnification, x: 6.7–45 basic configuration (*optional: 3.4–270)

Microscope head type: binocular

Microscope head: 360° rotatable, lockable in any position

Inclination: 45°

Interpupillary distance, mm: 54–75

Eyepiece diameter, mm: 30

Eyepieces, x/field, mm: 10x/22 with ±5D diopter adjustment, long eye relief (*optional: 10x/22 mm with scale, 15x/16, 20x/12, 25x/9, 30x/8)

Zoom objective, x/working distance, mm/field of view with 10x eyepiece, mm: 0.67–4.5/105/32.8–4.9 (*optional: when using additional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives: 3.4–270/177, 47, 26/65.7–0.9)

Zoom ratio: 6.7:1

Stage plate: black-and-white plate Ø95mm, transparent plate

Focusing mechanism: coarse focusing knobs are on both sides

Coarse focusing travel, mm: 106

Coarse focusing tension adjusting knob: +

Illumination: transmitted and reflected light

Transmitted light source: 3W LED, with adjustable brightness

Reflected light source: oblique illuminator, 3W LED, with adjustable brightness

Available objective attachments, x: 0.5; 1.5; 2

Darkfield condenser: *optional

Polarization device: *optional

Power supply, V/Hz: AC power supply, 115–230/50/60

Operating temperature range, °C (°F): 0… 40 (32… 104)

Operating humidity range, %: 20… 85