MAGUS 10PLFL Objective

MAGUS 10PLFL 10х/0.35 Plan FL ∞/0.17 Objective
Infinity-corrected plan achromatic objective. Magnification: 10x. Aperture: 0.35

The objective is designed for observations in fluorescent light. The objective lenses are made of optical glass with a high degree of transparency in a wide spectrum of waves and without intrinsic luminescence or birefringence. The high NA of 0.35 increases the resolution power of the objective. The image in the eyepieces and through a digital camera is clearer, more contrasty, and brighter than when using a standard objective.

The resolution limit of the objective is 10x/0.35 is 0.78µm.
The objective is infinity-corrected. The parfocal distance is 45mm. When working with a 10x/22mm eyepiece, the field of view diameter will be 2.2mm. It is designed to work with specimens with a cover glass that is 0.17mm thick.

The lower limit of useful microscope magnification when working with a 10х objective is 175x. A lower magnification will not enable you to distinguish the details of the object in the image produced by the objective.
The upper limit of useful magnification when working with the 10х objective is 350x. Higher magnification is considered “useless” because it does not provide new detail in the image of the object.
If you plan to display the image on a computer when working with this objective, use a special fluorescence camera, CLM90 7.1MP, 1.1''.

Plan achromatic objectives produce an image equally focused on the center and at the edges with minimal distortion. This feature is used for taking digital images and for working in conjunction with wide-field eyepieces with a 22mm field of view.
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  • MAGUS Lum 400 Fluorescence Microscope
  • MAGUS Lum 400L Fluorescence Microscope


Lens material: optical glass

Objective class by aberration correction degree: plan achromatic

Tube length: infinity-corrected (∞)

Contrast technique: fluorescence

Magnification, x: 10

Aperture: 0.35

Working distance, mm: 2.37

Parfocal distance, mm: 45

Cover glass thickness, mm: 0.17

Spring-loaded frame:


Body material: copper