MAGUS DF2 Darkfield Condenser

For the darkfield microscopy technique 

The darkfield condenser is used for the darkfield microscopy technique. Darkfield microscopy is used for studying unstained transparent samples. Such samples absorb light weakly and, therefore, they are indistinguishable when observed using the brightfield microscopy technique.

In order to use the darkfield condenser, it should be paired with an objective with a smaller N.A. than the condenser. The aperture of the oil condenser is 1.36–1.25 and, therefore, the condenser works with objectives of 20x and higher.
The condenser requires the use of immersion oil between the condenser lens and the slide for both dry and immersion objectives. The absence of immersion oil on the condenser lens prevents light rays from reaching the specimen.

The darkfield condenser is mounted in the arm instead of the Abbe condenser. The condenser has two centering screws for properly aligning the illumination halo.

To get a contrast image of the sample using the darkfield microscopy technique, it is recommended to use a cover glass that is 0.17mm thick and a slide that is 1–1.2mm thick.
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N.A.: 1.36–1.25

Immersion medium: oil

Applicable objectives: 20х, 40х, 60х, 100х (oil)