MAGUS SPH1 Phase Contrast Slider

For phase-contrast microscopy

The phase contrast slider, when paired with appropriate objectives, implements the phase contrast method, which is used to observe transparent low-contrast objects that are invisible in brightfield. Staining kills living cells. The main advantage of the method is the possibility to study unstained living cells in their natural state. The method is used in medicine, ecology, pharmacology, agriculture, etc.

The MAGUS SPH1 phase contrast slider is designed for the MAGUS Bio V300 biological inverted microscope. It is used when working with a 20x phase objective MAGUS 20HP and a 40x phase objective MAGUS 40HP.

The slider is a plate with three round openings. One opening is free for work using the brightfield method. The other two have built-in phase inserts: for 20x and 40x objectives. The slider is installed in the condenser slot. Using the auxiliary centering telescope from the microscope kit, the slider ring diaphragms are aligned with the objective phase rings. The slider makes it easy to switch from one research method to another.
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  • MAGUS Bio V300 Biological Inverted Microscope