MAGUS XY5 Mechanical Stage

Two-axis, for working in transmitted and reflected light

The stage is mounted on the base of the stereomicroscope and is used to position the specimen accurately and smoothly under the objective for visual observations and camera capture. Rotation of the coaxial knobs moves the sample along the X (right-left) and Y (forward-back) axes.
The transparent glass surface of the stage allows you to work in reflected and transmitted light. Measuring scale with vernier scale for measuring along one axis. There are two clamps for fixing flat objects on the stage.
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  • MAGUS Stereo 7B Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 7T Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 8B Stereomicroscope
  • MAGUS Stereo 8T Stereomicroscope