MAGUS E20 Eyepiece

MAGUS E20 20х/11mm Eyepiece (D 23.2mm)
Magnification: 20x. Field of view: 11mm

Eyepieces extend the magnification range of the microscope.
The 20x eyepieces achieve the useful magnification of the microscope when working with 4x, 10x, and 20x objectives.

The eyepiece without diopter adjustment provides a comfortable experience on any microscope for users with equal vision in both eyes. In microscopes with a diopter ring on the eyepiece tube, the image sharpness is adjusted directly on the microscope.

The eyepiece is compatible with microscopes with an eyepiece tube diameter of 23.2mm.
References and downloads


  • MAGUS Bio 230B Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 230BL Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 230T Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio 230TL Biological Microscope
  • MAGUS Pol 850 Polarizing Microscope


Lens material: optical glass

Magnification, x: 20

Field of view diameter, mm: 11

Diopter adjustment:

Eyepiece diameter, mm: 23.2

Body material: copper

Eye relief, mm: 10